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Costa Rica

I hope your summer is going well! We got back from our summer trip to Costa Rica a few weeks ago. Our journey started a little rocky as LAX had a bomb scare when we were three blocks away from our long term parking structure. Somehow, despite the traffic, chaos and a three mile frantic run (including luggage and a six-year old), we were able to make our flight.

I always enjoy learning new things when we travel. Below are my takeaways and a few photos of our journey.

La Fortuna: This was our view looking out to the Arenal Volcano from our airbnb. There was a pineapple farm on the left.

Car insurance is necessary: My car was hit by an aggressive tourist while pulling out of a parking spot. I elected to use the free credit card insurance instead of purchasing the $45/day insurance from the car company, so I was a little worried. However, everything worked out as the repairs were estimated at $300 and the credit card company will reimburse me for up to $50K in damages. The police and insurance adjuster came within two hours.

Ziplinning vs. Canopy Tour: Here is Alec ziplining. Zip lines go mountain top to mountain top and canopy tours go from tree to tree.

Hiking through the jungle was lots of fun! We saw sloths, wild pigs, blue butterflies, poisonous dart frogs and leaf cutter ants. The kids loved it! After a few days in the jungle, we ventured out to Tamarindo. Here is where we saw Howler monkeys!

Tamarindo: Tamarindo was made famous as a filming location of the Endless Summer. It was a busy little tourist town. We enjoyed our time there but we prefer somewhere a little slower and sleepier. Our Airbnb was really cool as the pool was in the middle of the living room.


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